Welcome back!

Back in 2014 we opened BadgerCraft for the first time with our aim to capture the fundamental Minecraft experience. This is where BadgerCraft was conceived; forged in fires of which we believed an awesome Minecraft server should be. Simple, friendly and fun!

In 2014, we had to regrettably close BadgerCraft due to time constraints in our real lives. But the truth was, we missed the fun times we had, the cool things we built together. We missed the friendships we made, and most of all... we missed you, the players.

Now, we finally think that we are in a position to lift the lid on our new server and bring the spirit of BadgerCraft back.

So thanks for sticking with us. We’re proud and excited to finally unveil what we’ve been working on for so long. We've missed you and we can't wait to play Minecraft with you again later this year!

Explore a vast Survival world spanning 8,000 blocks in each cardinal direction!

Build to your heart's content in our Creative world, anything goes... almost.

Protect your land and fight other players in our PvP world. Nothing is safe!

Latest Update

Christmas 2020

The BadgerCraft Christmas Adventure is now open! You're on the naughty list, and Santa's elves need your help. Visit them in the Hub and transport yourself to the North Pole, face their challenges, and earn some christmassy rewards!